Tarek  Abu Hageb

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Abu hageb

Artist born in 1972 - Basel - Switzerland

Welcome to Tarek Abu Hageb's World!

Discover the vibrant artworks of Tarek Abu Hageb, based in Basel, Switzerland.

Born in 1972, Tarek's current works are infused with a warm and light color palette, offering a refreshing contrast to cold realism.

Through his art, he transforms the mundane into the poetic and hopeful, inviting viewers to embrace a new perspective.


Welcome to my personal haven of creativity and expression. Explore the diverse range of artwork I've poured my heart into, available for sale. From mesmerizing paintings to thought-provoking sculptures, immerse yourself in the world of my artistry. Discover a piece that speaks to your soul.


Meet the Multifaceted Artist
Tarek Abu Hageb is a true creative force. With a background in calligraphy, rap, and wordplay, he defies categorization, occupying a space between typography, lettering, and graffiti. In his bustling studio, you'll find an array of artworks, ranging from spray-painted pieces to fabric letters and explorations of Arabic script.

Tarek's passion for letters extends beyond visual art, as he often incorporates them into his music and writings. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of this versatile artist.